Lip treatment is still in fashion, although, of all the facial structures, aesthetically the lips vary the most in volume and shape.

There are many lip types and even more preferences

In Marbella, a luxurious and flamboyant city, Russian lips have become popular in the field of general aesthetic medicine, and more specifically in the field of lip augmentation. This treatment, so fashionable in social media, was named due to the mouth’s similar appearance to that of the matryoshkas, traditional Russian dolls.

Lip augmentation is a treatment that involves the injection of hyaluronic acid, a biocompatible substance which is adds volume to the labial mucosa, raising them by temporarily trapping water molecules. Due to its elasticity, we are able to sculpt or model the shape of the lips in a certain way, enhancing the cupid’s bow or emphasising certain qualities which make the lips more attractive.

Use of this molecule not only achieves a volumising effect but can also improve hydration, correct any asymmetry or soften a “gummy” smile etc.

“Aesthetic medicine should not be governed by trends, but by a safe and unfailing approach.”
Dr. Natalia Cárdenas

Most concepts of lip beautification rely particularly on an increase in volume, full lips are understood to be more attractive, but the success of lip augmentation treatment is in providing just enough volume to draw the appropriate, desired attention.

Well-defined and full lips represent attractiveness and beauty. An excessive increase in volume will result in the patient looking like a caricature.

Lip augmentation treatment requires comprehensive planning. It is just as important to understand the patient’s concerns, as is it to know how to argue against treatment when not indicated.

Professional judgement is fundamental, but so is the correct choice of technique and hyaluronic acid product, which should always be of the highest quality.

The procedure is described as reversible as there is actually an antidote for hyaluronic acid, however, this should not be considered an antidote for an unwanted aesthetic result, its use should be reserved for prevention of medical complications when required. The antidote is a rescue tool, not part of treatment, as its application is also not risk-free or without side effects.

The aim of all lip treatments is not the same

In younger patients, some treatments seek to increase volume, but there are also lip treatments indicated for patients who are already showing signs of ageing around the mouth, such as bar code wrinkles, etc.. In these cases, volume is often not the objective, instead the aim is to restore the area and above all reverse the passage of time, delivering the most natural result possible. In these cases, I explain to my patients, that “we will improve the appearance of the lips, without treating the lips.”

Success lies in the selection of the appropriate type of hyaluronic acid and infiltration of the correct amount into the appropriate lip area.
Dr. Natalia Cárdenas

To achieve a harmonious result, a facial study is essential, considering not only the aesthetic appearance around the mouth, but also its proportion in relation to other elements of the face, without losing sight of functionality, as lips express emotion, sensuality and vitality.

The patient’s anatomy must be respected, using subtle changes to create a long-term, positive aesthetic effect.

Dra. Natalia Cardenas

Médico estético

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